Transit plate?

What is a short term plate / transit plate?


The transit plate is a number plate with a yellow stripe on the right part of the plate and is valid for 4 days, becoming valid on the registration date. The date printed into the yellow part of the plate is the last day of insurance coverage and validity. The topmost number is the day, the middle number the month and the bottom number the year of the expiry date. After that date the plate must not be used anymore.

A return of the short term plates is not necessary because they expire automatically due to the printed date on the plates.

Transit plates are number plates usually for transfering vehicles or check- and testdrives. The plates are to be used with only one vehicle. Changing the vehicle with the same plates is not allowed. The data of the vehicle has to be filled in the red registration document.

You may use the number plates for example to transfer a car from the place where you bought it to your home address. You may also use the plates to testdrive a car before buying it or to go to the technical inspection.

Please note that the transit plates are in fact valid in the whole of the European Union on the basis of the EU directive C68/2007. However, if there should be any complications with foreign authorities, the use of the transit plates is exclusively your responsibility.
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