How it works

We ship your transit plates to any address within the EU - how does it work?
On this page we show you how the whole procedure works - from the order on this website to finally receiving the tranist plates at your selected destination. You will see how easy and comfortable it is.

Step 1

In the first step you fill in the order form and select the date when you would like to receive the plates. Please note that you will receive the plates on this date at the earliest, which will be the second (on Mondays third) day of validity of the plates. Please also fill in the details of the insurance holder (driver). Furthermore you may select a different delivery address. Please fill in all data in our order process with correct spelling in order to avoid problems, thank you!

Step 2

In the second step you may specify a different invoice address and afterwards you select your favourite mode of payment. We are able to offer you four different modes of payment: Credit card, PayPal and Sofortüberweisung for quick and secure payment as well as normal bank transfer, which takes 2 to 3 days until we receive payment.


Step 3

To ensure that your order can be processed successfully, you should email us the identity card or passport and a copy of all registration documents one working day prior to the requested delivery date until 11:30 at the latest. If you have foreign documents, please note, that we need the complete COC, last registration, MOT, invoice and pruchase contract. If the plates should be deliverd on a Monday, we need to receive the documents by 10:00 on Friday already.

If you have a vehicle with foreign documents, we need to receive the docuemnts scanned in high quality.
Please note, that for a registration for vehicles with foreign documents which are licensed before 2005 cannot be ordered transit plates.

E-Mail: info@transit-plate.eu

Step 4

After placing your order and effecting payment we will check your order and send the plates to your chosen delivery address. You will receive your plates on the second (on Mondays third) day of validity of the plates at the earliest.

Shipment is possible to any address within the EU by express delivery (UPS/DHL). Within Germany you will get your plates generally until 13 o'clock (mo to fr). Your package contains the number plate(s), the registration document and insurance (reen card) .

Step 5

Zum Schluss müssen Sie den erhaltenen rosa Fahrzeugschein nur noch ausfüllen. Hierzu tragen Sie bitte die Fahrzeugklasse, Hersteller-Kurzbezeichnung, Fahrzeug-Identifikationsnummer, das Datum der Erstzulassung und Ort, Datum, Unterschrift ein. Danach können Sie die Kurzzeitkennzeichen an Ihr Fahrzeug anbringen und losfahren.

Completion Assistance
That's it! We wish you a pleasant journey!
Please note that the transit plates are in fact valid in the whole of the European Union on the basis of the EU directive C68/2007. However, if there should be any complications with foreign authorities, the use of the transit plates is exclusively your responsibility.
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