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What can I use the transit plates for?
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A short term plate is usually used for test drives, vehicle transfers or rides to get the vehicle MOT´d .
Can I register transit plates for a vehicle that is already registered?
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No, a double insurance is forbidden by law.
I do not have any documents yet, may I order the plates anyway?
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Please note that we need to receive the following documents by email or via upload by 13:00 (on Friday by 10:00) one working day prior to the requested delivery date at the latest in order to be able to carry out the registration and ship your temporary plates on time:

- Copy of the driver´s id card or passport

- Copy of the German registration document "Teil I (front and reverse) and "Teil 2" - valid MOT must be indicated on the front
- For vehicles with foreign documents, we need the complete COC, last registration, MOT, invoice and pruchase contract.
- If the valid MOT is not indicated on the front of Teil I, we would need a copy of the certificate of MOT (only possible if MOT has been carried out at TÜV Rheinland or Dekra)

Which types of vehicles may I transfer with the plates?
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These European transit plates are valid for all types of vehicles, e.h. passenger cars, trucks, lorries and some more.
My vehicle has no German documents, may I order transit plates anyway?
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Yes, it is possible to get transit plates also for vehicles, which don't have german registration documents. Our registration office accept foreign documents from
- Austria
- Belgium
- the Netherlands

Please note, that a registration only can be done with the COC, registration documents and valid german TÜV (MOT). If the vehicle is new and never registered before, we need the COC for complete vehicle and the invoice.
Which documents do I need for transfering a car?
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You need all the documents of the vehicle, your passport/ID and the red registration document. If possible also the certificate of the last MOT. If you move the vehicle outside of Germany you will need the international insurance card.
Are there transit plates that are valid for a longer period than 4 days?
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No, these transit plates are valid for 4 days from delivery (if delivery takes one working day only).
How long can I drive with the transit plates?
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You can see on the right part of the transit plate until when it is valid. Transit plates are generally valid for five days. As the registration always must be carried out first before we are allowed to produce and ship the plates, the registration and shipment are always effected one working day prior to the chosen delivery date so that they can be used four days from receipt. If you choose a Monday as delivery date, your plates will be valid until Tuesday since the registrtion and shipment would be effected on Friday already in this case.
Can I drive in whole Europe with the transit plates?
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Although the insurance is valid in the entire EU and some other neighbouring countries, there are some states which do not accept the EU Directive C/68, which states that every EU member state should accept the use of all types of transit plates of any other member state as long as there is an international insurance card.

Please avoid to use these plates in the following countries:

- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Italy
- Slovenia
- Romania

In all other countries there have not been reported any problems at all.
But as the rules can be cahnged by the countries/states, please search for informations, if the country, where you want to use the german transit plates, are accepted.
May I trace my order/package?
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We deliver your transit plates by DHL Express. You will receive a tracking number via an automatic email one working day prior to the chosen delivery date so that you will be able to check the status of your shipment online any time.
Is it possible to indicate a different delivery address than the one of insurance holder?
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You can indicate any address within the EU as delivery address. In some regions in Europe the delivery takes longer than one working day despite express delivery. If you are not sure about the period of delivery, please send us a short email with the post code and the country of the delivery address so that we can quickly check it for you.
Do you ship the plates throughout Europe?
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We can ship your plates to any address within the EU. Please note that there are some remote areas where delivery takes longer. Generally you can say that the bigger a city the faster the delivery. If you are not sure about the period of delivery, please send us a short email with the post code of the delivery address so that we can check the exact period of delivery.
Damage / accident - what to do?
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Please call the office of "Grüne Karte / Green Card". You will find the phone numbers on the reverse side of the green insurance card which you will receive together with your transit plates.
What happens after expiry of the plates?
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After expiry the number plates are not valid any more and can be disposed.
Can I return the plates if I do not need them?
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No, a return of the plates is impossible because also with an online vehicle registration all processes will have been completed already by the authorities and cannot not be reversed.
Do you grant special prices for bulk buyers?
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Please send us an email to info@transit-plate.eu for more information.
Is it possible to get an invoice without the German VAT?
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No, as all our activities are carried out in Germany, all our invoices include 19% German VAT.
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